World's First Luxurious  Coffee Pot World's First Luxurious  Coffee Pot

World's First Luxurious
Coffee Pot

Nikpar™ represent the pinnacle of luxury


Special Edition Genuine NIKPAR™ Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection, which represents the finest of NIKPAR™ products, is the undisputed selection of five-star kitchens across the globe. Why? Excellent craftsmanship, superior laser engraving, meticulous hand-finishing, and construction are guaranteed to last a lifetime!


With our Macedonian Collection,
you can enjoy a little bit of Greek paradise
no matter where you are.

One of a Kind

As part of our ongoing quest to innovate and build products that are truly unique, we have taken inspiration from the rich history and culture behind these objects, and integrated innovative new technology and high-quality materials to create a truly unique offering that will usher in the next chapter of a long tradition..


We have used only the highest quality materials in the construction of this coffee pot, and it has been expertly crafted by skilled craftsmen using only the finest materials.

As a result, the product is both durable and aesthetically pleasing as well as being functional.

It is our mission to combine the latest methodologies in sheet metal forming technology with the latest advancements in panel bending technology to produce our NIKPAR coffee pot. We utilize these technologies in our manufacturing process and in the food safety aspect of our business.


The interior of the pot is made of 304 stainless steel plate. This refers to a steel plate that is resistant to corrosion by weak media such as the atmosphere, steam and water.

In contrast to the interior, the exterior of the device is made of highly polished brass.

Technicians at NIKPAR are fully versed in all of the latest advances in the creation of molds in precious metals. However, they go beyond that by developing creative techniques to enhance each design.

We want to highlight the unique qualities of every metal in order to create surprising, stunning, and exciting metal designs.


The famous king of Macedonia, Alexander the Great, is the inspiration behind the handcrafted Greek coffee pots.

With wonderful ancient Greek designs of the Vergina Star and Greek key patterns engraved elaborately with the aid of laser engraving technology, these coffee pots are a magnificent way to preserve the wisdom of Greek art and philosophy.


NIKPAR coffee pots are made with only the highest-quality materials, which means that they are constructed from only the best quality materials to ensure that the pot will last a long time and that the pot will last for a long time to come.

These coffee pots are also engraved and laser engraved with the trademarks of NIKPAR, which gives them a highly durable and long-lasting quality.

NIKPAR publishes its touchmark on each and every piece of handcrafted coffee pot that has been produced.

Due to this, the pot is genuine and of high quality as a result of the manufacturing process.

In order to ensure that you are buying an authentic NIKPAR product, you need to be certain that the item you are buying is a genuine one.


Unique One of a Kind Handle Mechanism.

Advanced handle mechanism with push-button technology for easy
detachment from the pot. The elegant design of the pot is intricately placed on the ends of the handle adding sophistication to advanced technology.


Patent serial number US 17/684,487


Brass coffee pots require polishing in order to achieve an elegant appearance.

By polishing metallic objects, we ensure that defects are removed and they become reflective and shiny.

We polish metal in addition to removing surface contaminants to make our coffee pots suitable for critical applications.

NIKPAR Brass metal polishing is the crucial step for obtaining a mirror-like finish, combined with polishing wheels and high-speed polishers.

You can have a look in this video at the results of these processes.

Suitable for all types of stovetops.

NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Small 10oz
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection 21oz
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Medium 16oz
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Ioanna
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection First Luxurious coffee pot
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Trio pack
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Alexander the Great Gift Card
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Trio pack
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Large 21oz
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection Trio pack
NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection

NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection - 10oz (Small)

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This Special Edition authentic NIKPAR Luxury Greek Coffee Pot Macedonian Collection is the undisputed choice for Five Star kitchens worldwide.

Why? Excellent craftsmanship, Superior laser engraving, Meticulous hand-finishing, luxurious packaging, and construction guaranteed to last a lifetime!

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Macedonian Collection

Macedonian Collection

Spartan Collection

Spartan Collection

Medusa Collection

Medusa Collection

Don't take our word for it


This is such a work of art! It’s very beautiful and I love the craftsmanship on it. The handle is long which is a bonus when making Turkish coffee. I gifted this to my brother and he loved it. I will need to purchase one for myself.

John S.

Great Work Of Art !


Bought this as a gift for our daughter who now lives in her own. She is happy with it. Good quality and nice looking item. A must have if you like a properly brewed coffee and don't have counter space for a bulky coffee machine. Comes especially useful during COVID lockdowns :)

Joshua A.

Quality Product, Looks Good Too.


I love every detail about this handcrafted Coffee maker. Traditional, beautiful, high quality and valuable since it is hand crafted. And the change of color caused by the heat makes it way more beautiful. I would like to kiss the hands made it.

Mary U.

Artistic Coffee Maker Brings More Joyce


Excellent quality. The product matches the description and was reasonably priced. I bought this for my friend. Now I'm back to buy some for myself. Highly recommended.

ElizaBeth T.

Reasonable price, Highly recommend!


Fast delivery. This teeth gem are the best. Very durable and will last for a
long time. Corresponds with the description. Will definitely buy more as gifts. Thank you.

Catherine A.

Buy more as gifts.

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