A Historical Inspiration Derived From Greek Culture

Our Story

The Brand

"The founder and Inventor behind NIKPAR Greek coffee pots. Nikos Parginos, grew up in Ioannina Greece, which has a rich history of gold and silversmithing He watched as artisans used the same techniques that were used centuries ago to create a beautiful work of art. Nikos also soaked up all the richness of Greek culture and history and the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Eventually, all these influences and experiences culminated in the inspiration for his own Greek coffee pot.

The Name "NIKPAR" also carries a special meaning and represents the heart of the brand. "Nik" is derived from the Greek word for victory while "Par" is commonly used to refer to ideas of value. Together, these words embody the spirit behind the brand and the passion that goes into every product. When you see the name NIKPAR, you know you are getting products that represent the highest standards in quality materials, innovative products, and luxury Greek Creations.

There is no doubt that NIKPAR is more than just a company or a brand.
It is a way to capture and share the beauty of an ancient culture and country with people around the world.


"There are several reasons why I want my coffee pots to enhance your life and make your moments more meaningful and romantic. A piece of art that tells a story about ancient Greece, each one a work of art on its own."