Care Instructions

Product Care:

We congratulate you on owning one of the most luxurious coffee pots in the world from NIKPAR. Carefully treated, your NIKPAR products will accompany you for generations if they are treated carefully.

NIKPAR products are made of stainless steel and brass without any surface treatment unless otherwise specified. Brass is a living material that oxidizes over time and needs care by its owner to keep the shine through the ages. The oxidization protects the metal and prolongs the lifespan, on the inside of the coffee pots this is desirable and should not be removed. On the outside, it's a matter of taste whether you polish it or not. Brass will naturally darken over the years and fingerprints, grease, water etc. may leave stains on the surface. If you wish to keep the high polished surface you will need to polish the brass regularly.

a)  NIKPAR Polished brass:

We recommend a gentle non-abrasive metal polish. The polish paste is applied with a dry cloth, if heavily stained let it sit for a while, then polish the surface until clean and shiny again. We do not recommend a water-soluble polish for polished brass as the water may leave stains unless you dry it very carefully. It is better to use a small amount of polish and re-apply during to get the best effect.

b)  NIKPAR Inside cleaning of a stainless-steel coffee pot.

Put 6 cubes of ice into your stainless-steel coffee maker.
Add ½ cup of white vinegar to the metal coffee pot.
Add ⅛ cup of table salt into the mix.
Swirl the coffee pot around until the ice melts or the stain disappears.
Rinse the pot out.

 c)  NIKPAR Luxurious Greek coffee pots should never be placed in a dishwasher, regardless of the surface treatment.